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Mediating Early And Late

It’s not always easy to spot trends. But one that I have noticed over the last year or two is an increase in the number of cases I am being asked to mediate in which litigation or arbitration proceedings have not yet been issued.

This produces different challenges. On the upside:

• The parties have not had years in which to entrench themselves in the unerring rightness of their cause, nor the irredeemable evil of their opponents. We have all seen the effect that many years of commitment to a particular position can have. Trying to encourage any other perspective after so long can be hard.

• The parties are generally less heavily invested in the case after a shorter time. Thi [...]

What’s ‘new’ in the new ICC Mediation Rules?

On December 4, 2013, the ICC launched the new Mediation Rules which will replace the 2001 ADR Rules as from January 1, 2014. In the words of Hannah Tuempel, Manager of the ICC International Centre for ADR, “there’s no earth-shaking new change to the rules”. At the global launch event last Wednesday, ‘simple’ and ‘flexible’ were most often repeated as the two main features of the new Rules.

The most obvious and visible change is the new name. When the ICC ADR Rules were drafted thirteen years ago, they were tailored to fit all ADR techniques, including mediation, conciliation and other techniques. Now, with more than 90% of the ICC’s cases filed since 2001 reverting to mediati [...]

New ICC Mediation Rules Unveiled at Global Launch

The new ICC Rules of Mediation were unveiled this week at a global launch in Paris.

Coming into force on 1 January 2014, the new ICC Rules will replace the ICC ADR Rules that have been used for amicable dispute resolution worldwide since 2001. The new Rules have been adapted to help parties resolve even the most complex cross-border disputes quickly and reliably. Changes include the setting of mediation as the default technique, as well as increased support from the ICC International Centre for ADR, the body administering the new Rules.

Hannah Tuempel, Senior Counsel and Manager of the ICC International Centre for ADR, noted the positive response from business: “The new ICC Rules of Mediatio [...]

Transactional Lawyers and Mediation

The quiet child of the legal brood is the transactional lawyer. They are a group that offer hidden wells of future development for mediation. This group of lawyers has extensive and close ongoing relationships with the individuals clients–the people who work in corporate, government and commercial clients. Transactional lawyers are the ones who document their clients’ new and optimistic contracts, leases purchases or other agreements. They design agreements and arrangements to keep their clients out of trouble, keep the agreement on the rails, and productive to the parties throughout the life of the agreement. It is the transactional lawyer who inserts dispute resolution clauses in the agr [...]

Promotion and legislation on mediation in The Netherlands

Promotion and legislation on mediation in The Netherlands
Machteld Pel, Pelmediation

I would like to present an update about the promotion and legislation on mediation in the Netherlands and the possible influence of promotion and regulation on the use of mediation.
Since the end of the nineties, the promotion of ADR has been an active part of the Dutch judicial policy. The four main goals in promoting ADR were: out-of-court resolution of disputes; attaining the best quality or the most effective way of settling disputes; the realisation of various forms of access to justice that make the parties primarily responsible for dispute resolution; and, lastly, less pressure on the judicial system. [...]